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Our Mission and Values

Here's to Strength is a global first, one stop self care experience bridging the gap of access through our community wellness hubs and self care directory, connecting you to medical and wellbeing services Australia wide with a mission to end the stigma around self care, mental health, invisible illness, positive body advocacy and suicide prevention. 

Driven by lived experience and compassion, inspiring
improved access to self care influenced by community values 


Values are so important when running a heart centered mission.

Empathy, honesty, respect, safety, collaboration and community are just some of our core beliefs.

​As a disabled, low income, plus size person Elise knew how disheartening accessing self care could be. Self care items, activities and support systems were either too expensive, not available, too far away or non existent.

​Here's to Strength is an organisation based on values that advocate ending the stigma around invisible struggles within our community.

The use of unsustainable, discriminate and inaccessible practices means our society and earth is struggling to find the support. This is where Here's to Strength is promising to change the script.

We will advocate for our people, advocate for our rights, advocate for unity and advocate for the very earth who cares for us. We will do this by working mindfully supporting the environment, working with our community, bridging the gap of access to self care and starting the conversations that matter. 

We promise we will always base our decisions from an empathic view, to be inclusive to all.

We will support our entire community, stock products with a firm cruelty free process and we will always ensure all of our practices are as sustainable as possible with a focus to use recycled materials where possible, opt for minimal use of plastic and create partnerships with ethical and sustainable suppliers. We will consider our impact within our community and encourage communities voice to be the leading drive for change through our mission. 

If you would like to hear more information on our values and where we will continue to do better, please contact us at

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