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Mental Health

It's okay to not be okay

Wild Flowers

"Living with a mental health condition has always been apart of my story. 

I grew up in a household of feeling big emotions and became familiar with the feelings of trauma, lack of sleep, feeling sensitive to my surroundings and requiring extra care when it came to self-regulation. I was finally diagnosed with CPTSD or as many others know it, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

In my career, I chose to spend a lot of time specifically working in the mental health sector because I wanted to understand the complexities of what I went through from the perspectives of others. I felt connected with their stories, felt connection with their circumstances and ultimately felt drawn to dedicate my life to improving the world around me when it came to mental health. 

Watching my loved ones suffer and then go on to suffer my own experiences, the story of Here's to Strength was very much based on the need to improve access to better mental health. 

A mission we are now working towards every day."


Elise Murphy

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