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The Very Visible Truth about Invisible Illness

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In memory of my mum Elizabeth 'Libby' 1963-2021

Suicide Prevention

Invisible Illnesses

Suicide - where do I even start...

It's the kind of experience that until you have felt the desire or witnessed another human at that point, you really wont ever understand.


If that's you, that's a really good thing! But chances are, if you clicked on this tab then you must be one of the many people everyday who either love someone who is suicidal or who is struggling with those thoughts yourself. If you are one of the many, then I am genuinely so sorry, because I know your pain. 

I know you don't need my sympathy, but even just for one moment - 

I want you to know that your story is being heard.


My mum struggled with suicidal ideations and attempted to end her life several times over the last 20 years until she finally lost her battle in August 2021. 


I have personally attempted 3 times and suffered with ideations for many years after I left my first domestic violence relationship. Gratefully, due to the shock of losing my mum to suicide and the hard work I had put into effectively managing my mental health struggles head on, it means now that I am what I consider in remission from a suicidal state of health.


For more on my personal journey read my Blog: Join the Conversation. 

If you feel you are in crisis, please click here for global support resources.


For our Female/Trans and Non-Binary community, we offer general group support in a safe and non judgmental space. Click here to join our Chronic Pain Support Community - Here's to my Strength.