Whether your pain is caused by physical or mental struggles, Here's to Strength Chronic Pain Support Community is YOUR SAFE SPACE. 

We are large enough to be able to help you in your time of need but also small enough that the answers you get will always be personal, genuine and helpful. 

The HTS Chronic Pain Support Community began when Elise found herself asking to join every group associated with each and every individual condition she was diagnosed with, yet there was no where for her to go for generalised chronic pain. 


So what do we do as an online community? 

We aren't a group that focuses on the constant negative aspects of our illnesses. 

We listen, we vent, we problem solve and we build friendships that no one else can understand unless they have experienced the hardships that you have experienced. 

So go ahead, what have you got to lose? If you need support, request to join our chronic pain support family.