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Our Community Support Fund

Sometimes it feels like it's just too hard to take care of yourself, this is why our

not for profit organisation is building opportunities for Australian communities to feel empowered in their self care journey in more ways than one. With our vision to continue bridging the gap of access regardless of circumstances, we are working hard to create various access pathways so no one is left behind.

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Access Financial Hardship Support

We truly believe everyone should have access to quality self care and be allowed every opportunity to live a happy and fulfilled life, this is why we have established the Here's to Strength Community Support Fund, an initiative that supports individuals to start their healing journey no matter their financial limitations. 

The fund provides partially/fully subsidised access to approved self care services listed within the Here's to Strength Self Care Directory for up to three appointments per year. To find out who our approved providers are, filter your search results by payment and referral type, selecting financial hardship.

Eligibility criteria to access CSF funding includes:

- The individual's basic living expenses exceed their regular income

- The individual is experiencing a deterioration in their mental health due to lack of access to self care

- The individual has not already received 3 sessions of CSF funding within the current calendar year

- The individual is unlikely to be able to afford to pay privately within the next three months

- The individual must live in a selected radius of our Community Wellness Hub.

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