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Our Community Pantry

Sometimes it feels like it's just too hard to take care of yourself, this is why our

not for profit organisation is building opportunities for Australian communities to feel empowered in their self care journey in more ways than one. With our vision to continue bridging the gap of access regardless of circumstances, we are working hard to create various access pathways so no one is left behind.


Access FREE Food and Self Care Items

We truly believe everyone should have access to their basic rights of food, water and hygeine items. This is why we have partnered with our community to establish a donations pantry where everything is free. 

Together in partnership with locals who donate goods from their own pantries we also receive donations from Puddle Jumpers, SecondBite, Coles, Aldi, Home Grain Bakery, Heart and Soul and FoodBank.

This would not be possible to operate without the help of our staff and team of volunteers who work endlessly 7 days a week to make this initiative happen.

We are also incredibly grateful for the support offered by Bendigo Bank Fleurieu and the team at the Awesome Foundation who have both contributed grant funding towards the build of our Community Pantry. 

At times we have also received anonymous donations where we can then afford to go shopping for extra food when we are low on available necessities. If you would like to support our cause please consider donating or even delivering a small bag of groceries when you can

The types of items we accept include long-life food, milk, meat, bread, fruit, toilet paper, toiletries and personal hygeine items.


We do not accept items that are past their used by date or opened as well as secondhand goods such as clothing, toys crockery or furniture. 

Please contact Treasure Boxes or your local op-shop if you have items that you would like to pass on to struggling individuals and families. 

The only exception to this is if you have items that may support someone experiencing homelessness, for which we have a collection bin for items that will help someone on the street such as warm clothing, hats, beanies and enclosed shoes.

Thank you for everyone's help, together we can make a genuine impact.

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